Pocket Nappies consists of the following (Most Modern Nappies though):

  • An Outer Shell which is waterproofing(PUL) – Can be plain or printed.
  • Inner Fleece lining to keep baby dry
  • Inserts that one stuffs, which goes inside the nappy to make it absorbent
  • **optional liners that you put on the fleece lining to help catch the poo which you flush down the toilet or you can wash and reuse.

You get 3 stages of nappies:

  • Newborn (Newborn till 3 months)- they are reusable adjustable nappies
  • One size fits most (from 3 months till potty training) – they are reusable adjustable nappies
  • Potty training nappies (from potty training) – they are like underpants but they have sewn in inserts to help with leaks (reusable)



Inserts are the absorbent part of the nappy,the nappies needs inserts all these nappies comes with inserts you can upsize them to Bamboo Blend, Pure Bamboo or Hemp but usually from 6 months you one needs 2 or a more of an absorbent insert.

Hemp is mostly from 8 months year as its very absorbent.

Microfibre and Charcoal Bamboo or Bamboo Blend are great for winter as they dry very quick but not so absorbent and they absorb fast.

Pure Bamboo and Hemp takes longer to dry during winter but absorbents alot and they absorb much slower.

The best combination of inserts are Bamboo blend paired with Pure Bamboo or Hemp.


One size fits most(OSFM)- Pocket nappies are your inexpensive nappy of cloth nappies you get i would say buying a few plain or printed nappies with 2 – 5 extra Inserts its a great way to start.

One needs about 25-30 nappies when washing every 2-3rd day for full time cloth diapering (that includes night nappies)

I would recommend Pockets, Covers and AIOs.

Newborn Nappies(NB) alot of moms buy from 10-15 nappies or more as one gets a few disposables from friends and family.

If you doing Newborn Nappies its never to late to start as they last till 3/4 months and remember newborn stage is the only stage that they go through ALOT of nappies.

I would recommend Covers and Flats for NB stage.




You Save more than 80% when cloth Diaper.

Modern Nappies lasts for many Generations! Saving you alot if you have more kids because they diaper for free almost!

Modern Nappies can cost you low as R6000.00 or as high as you want to go but still saving you alot of money in the long run and as its more natural on the bum, that’s way you don’t need bum cream (but there is special safe cloth cream and another save)

Cloth diapers can cost you around R8000.00 for 3 years compared to disposables that would cost you R22000.00 and then some more.


I would recommend to look at my starter kits or bulk buys if you can, but if not then buying a little bit monthly can save your Alot in the long run.

I hope all the info helps cloth diapering is as easy as using disposables only difference is that one washes these and not throwing away, let me know if you need any more information or help.

For Cloth Terms click here

Caring and Using your nappies are very easy. Check my Video and Care Instruction Page.